Veeda Barcode Scanner US-2016


Us2016Elite sericesHand-held Barcode ScannerRead PreciselyRead quicklyEasy to useEconomic and practical...

Veeda Thermal Printer R7 VDS8160C


High print speed 160mm/sec.80mm thermal paper roll.150km mechanism lifespan; 1.5 million times Cutter lifespan.Interface optional: USB+Serial, USB+Bluetooth, USB+WiFi, GPRS.Built-in data buffer, support to receive data during printing.Support charact...

Veeda Thermal Printer Small VD-P5890Fi


P5890FiBuilt-in power supply.Built-in driver.70mm/sec printing speed.Weight 0.72kg .Built 60K Bytes Flash can be used for storage of NV Logo.With 51 ESC/POS control command.The user-defined ASCII Characters and Chinese characters printing.The printer...

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