Veeda Handheld Barcode Scanner


Veeda barcode Label scanner features fast and accurate  codes reading(on paper). It is widely used in commercial POS system, supermarkets, warehouses, logistics, libraries, banks, postal service, industrial and manufacturing proc...

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Veeda Thermal Printer R7 VDS8160C

₦29,500.00 ₦32,000.00

High print speed 160mm/sec.80mm thermal paper roll.150km mechanism lifespan; 1.5 million times Cutter lifespan.Interface optional: USB+Serial, USB+Bluetooth, USB+WiFi, GPRS.Built-in data buffer, support to receive data during printing.Support charact...

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Veeda Thermal Printer Small VD-P5890Fi

₦10,500.00 ₦11,500.00

P5890FiBuilt-in power supply.Built-in driver.70mm/sec printing speed.Weight 0.72kg .Built 60K Bytes Flash can be used for storage of NV Logo.With 51 ESC/POS control command.The user-defined ASCII Characters and Chinese characters printing.The printer...

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