Cash Counting Machine

Cash Counting Machine

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Sheets counting function and counterfeit detection function.     1) Batch function     2) Half note detection     3) Chain note detection     4) Double-note detection     5) Width detection function     6) UV counterfeit detection    7) MG counterfei...

Sheets counting function and counterfeit detection function. 
    1) Batch function 
    2) Half note detection 
    3) Chain note detection 
    4) Double-note detection 
    5) Width detection function 
    6) UV counterfeit detection
    7) MG counterfeit detection 
    8)Suitable for most currencies in the world
    9)Inferred character detection
    10)Can mixed counting below currency:  USD EUR





Ambient Temperature:


Ambient Humidity:

25% - 80%

Feed System:

Roller Friction System

Hopper Capacity:

120 old bills or 180 new bills

Stacker Capacity:

120 old bills or 180 new bills

Size of Countable Bills:

50mm X 110mm - 90mm X 180mm

Thickness of Countable Bills:

0.06mm - 0.15mm

Counting Result Display:

Four (sheets) or Seven (value)  Digits LED (Red )

Batch Preset Number Display:

Three Digits LED (Green)

Remove Display:

Three Digits LED (Green)

Power Source:

Single Phase 110 V +/- 10% RMS, 50 - 60 Hz

Also available in 220 V +/-10% RMS, 50 - 60 Hz

Power Consumption:


Counting Speed:

900 notes/min





Net Weight:


Inner Packing:


Dimensions: (L) 315 mm*(W) 266 mm*(H) 196 mm


Outer Packing:


Dimensions: (L)630 mm*(W) 410 mm*(H)250 mm


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