50 metres HDMI Cable


The Elite Core maximizes signal integrity, fidelity, and clarity allowing our cables to be run further without amplification. Our deluxe Cyber-Mesh jacket supports and protects the core from damage during installation.

8 GB DDR 3 Laptop RAM


Designed for laptops; to improve performance; 1333MHz operating speed; backward compatible with 1066MHz operating speed ...

8 Port HDMI Splitter


Description The HDMI 1X8 Distribution Amplifier Mini Splitter distributes the single HDMI input source into four identical outputs. Great for multiple monitors display. The synchronized outputs also have the ability of buffering and amplifying. ...

8 Ports VGA Splitter


Hardware Ports 8 Daisy-Chain Yes Connector(s) Connector Type(s) 1 - VGA (15 pin; High Density D-Sub) Male   8 - VGA (15 pin; High Density D-Sub) Female ...

All in One Solar Street Courtyard Light 10 Watts


LED 3000Lumens(30W),2700K ~6500KLi-ion battery 39000 mAh ,  3.7VInstall height 4~5 metersWaterproof IP 65...

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