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How to tell if you’re talking to a bot

How To Tell If You’re Talking To A Bot

Twitter recently took drastic action as part of an effort to slow the spread of misinformation through its platform, shutting down more than two million automated accounts, or bots.But Twitter shuttered only the most egregious, and obvious, offenders
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Smartphone lost or stolen? Here's how to trace it.

Smartphone Lost Or Stolen? Here's How To Trace It.

Both Android and iOS feature very useful tools that allow you to quickly locate your smartphone if it gets lost or stolen. Even if you are unable to recover the phone, you can still remotely lock it and wipe all your data.The first step is to make
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Your Instagram Posts May Hold Clues to Your Mental Health. Research.

Your Instagram Posts May Hold Clues To Your Mental Health. Research.

The photos you share online speak volumes. They can serve as a form of self-expression or a record of travel. They can reflect your style and your quirks. But they might convey even more than you realize: The photos you share may hold clues to you
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Samsung might finally unveil its long-awaited foldable smartphone this year

Samsung Might Finally Unveil Its Long-awaited Foldable Smartphone This Year

One of the longest-running rumors in the mobile industry is Samsung's foldable smartphone.Samsung is believed to have been developing a smartphone with a screen that can fold and bend — but so far, it has never seen the light of day.However, accordin
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Intel just bought Mobileye for $15bn to join the driverless tech race

Intel Just Bought Mobileye For $15bn To Join The Driverless Tech Race

Intel might be known as one of the world’s largest chip manufacturers, but in the next few years it’s going to be strongly associated with driverless car technology too. The company has just bought Mobileye, a pioneer in the autonomous driving se
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Swatch Takes on Google, Apple With Watch Operating System

Swatch Takes On Google, Apple With Watch Operating System

Swatch Group said it’s developing an alternative to the iOS and Android operating systems for smart watches as Switzerland’s largest maker of timepieces vies with Silicon Valley for control of consumers’ wrists....
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Bluetooth 5: What you need to know about the new wireless technology

Bluetooth 5: What You Need To Know About The New Wireless Technology

An update to the decades-old technology Bluetooth was officially adopted this week, offering wireless connections with faster pairing and a longer range. Bluetooth 5, which has been accepted as the official standard for the connecti
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First ever solar panel road opens in France

First Ever Solar Panel Road Opens In France

A Normandy village in Northern France has officially opened what it claims to be the world’s first solar panel road.The 1km stretch of road in Tourouvre-au-Perche was launched by France’s ecology minister, Ségolène Royal. It is built up of 2,800 sq
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Galaxy S8 rumoured to be the first smartphone with 8GB RAM

Galaxy S8 Rumoured To Be The First Smartphone With 8GB RAM

One of the key features that could make Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S8 an even more powerful device is the higher memory. According to a report, the new S series handset could see a significant memory jump. The device could pack an 8GB RAM, which wo
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Uber has abandoned its self-driving car trial in San Francisco

Uber Has Abandoned Its Self-driving Car Trial In San Francisco

Uber has been forced to abandon its controversial self-driving car trial on the streets of San Francisco after the 16 cars being used in the test had their registrations revoked.The California Department of Motor Vehicles made the move after Uber
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